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The new album from Stars of Cascadia

Some new age guru’s flying in on a moonbeam / to wake us up from our American dream


Fairfield is the new release by Portland Americana band Stars of Cascadia following their debut album Riverside Skyline. Told through the microcosmic lens of the eponymous Iowan town, the album explores the birth, division, and reunion of the two Americas. Starting with the settlement of the American plains, the album follows two diverging people, one who stays home and one who heads west, through the Depression and Dust Bowl, Baby Boom, social uprising, and spiritual enlightenment. As the departed return, they are met with skepticism but the two sides ultimately learn to coexist in spite of their differences. The album ends with a call to rise up against those who seek to divide us against ourselves.


How can I convince you that these people aren’t your saviors?

The ones who cut you down aren’t here to do you any favors

But if we can band together, I know we can have the power

To storm their gilded castles and take what is rightly ours


While staying true to their musical roots, the band branches into new stylistic territory in keeping with the lyrical themes, incorporating psychedelic, surf, and progressive influences into their country and blues sound.

stars of cascadia - fairfield.png
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